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Oporajita is an initiative of “Jibon”, the first online blood bank in the Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. it an independent branch of “Jibon”, comprised of women members. Neglecting women’s health is always a concern for us In the context of Bangladesh, various superstitions and various disregard for menstrual and women’s health are visible in the region. How “Jibon” can contribute to getting rid of this neglect is the creation of the other. As important as the monthly mockery of women’s pride is, it has been reduced to a taboo of prohibited misconduct in society. Oporajita is contributing to the awareness of the health of women as well as the development of quality of life and efficiency To make women healthier, the organization has taken different programs to raise awareness about menstruation, prevention of menstruation, menstrual health care, awareness of the use of sanitary pads. Each program is highly tailored to help women adapt to contemporary positions. The “Dignity Box” is given as a gift to the school so that no other student has to close the school for the monthly. Oporajita will work to implement women-friendly mass transit and workplaces in the future. Oporajita will play a role in implementing safe breast feeding centers in every hospital and workplace.